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EasyFill AB
Industrigatan 10
84060 Bräcke, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 66058-82
Fax: +46 693 71596

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RotoShelf Mono


Based on the same successful principle as the RotoShelf Multi, we saw the potential for a single rotating gravity shelf using the first in–first out principle, the resulting product is the RotoShelf Mono. One of a kind in the market, Mono, can be customized to fit a number of different coolers.

This solution has a unique flexibility and can easily replace any number of standard shelves in a cooler without tools or training.

Always cold products for the customer

Rotate each shelf individually

Can be retrofitted

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RotoShelf Multi


RotoShelf Multi is a unique patented solution for easy management and improved efficiency when refilling a cabinet cooler. The solution, applying first in-first out principle, works through a rotating shelf system. The entire interior is rotated so that all the shelves will be available for stocking products from the outside at the same time. The use of gravity feed shelves makes for automatic product fronting.

Save time and energy thanks to effective filling

Reduce energy consumption

Increased sales thanks to fronted products

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Rotoshelf Swingout


As simple as the name indicates this solution swings out just like a hinged door and is just as easy to operate. This gives access to the back of the shelf rack and makes all shelves available for refilling. This First in – First out solution has gravity feed shelves in plastic just like all RotoShelftm products and by having shelves at an angle we get an automatic fronting function that saves a lot of time – time that can be better spent than filling and fronting products.

Save time and energy thanks to effective filling

Reduce energy consumptionIncreased sales thanks to fronted products

Swing out to access fill position

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