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  • Halle 15 / E24-6
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EuroShop 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 15): Stand E24-6


EuroShop 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 15

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  • 05  Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement

Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement

  • 05  Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement
  • 05.03  Klimatechnik, Wärmetechnik, Lüftungstechnik

Klimatechnik, Wärmetechnik, Lüftungstechnik

  • 05  Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement
  • 05.06  Türluftschleiergeräte


  • 05  Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement
  • 05.10  erneuerbare Energien (Anlagen, Systeme)

erneuerbare Energien (Anlagen, Systeme)

  • 05  Gebäudetechnologie und Energiemanagement
  • 05.12  Energiemanagement/Energiemonitoring


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Biddle climate solutions

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For more than 60 years Biddle has manufactured and delivered a competitive portfolio of climate separation and climate control equipment product and solutions. Biddle is recognized world-wide as a leading company specialising in the supply of innovative heating, ventilation, cooling and air curtain solutions. Biddles products are used in a wide range of applications including retail, public buildings, offices, industrial premises and cold stores. Biddle aims to be a partner for customers throughout the life of the product. Needs are identified thoroughly by working together to create the desired and optimal climate solution.

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