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coop Introduces Digital Receipts from NuBON

Germany’s largest consumer cooperative in the food retail sector relies on the customer loyalty solution from the Otto Group

Hamburg, February 11, 2014: coop eG has opted for the digital customer services provided by NuBON. The largest German consumer cooperative in the food retail sector is introducing digital receipts and mobile couponing through NuBON in summer 2014. Customers will then be able to use the digital services in over 210 markets of the sky and plaza distribution channels in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg. coop is NuBON’s second partner from the food retail sector.

sky, the largest and fastest growing of coop’s distribution channels, includes a total of approximately 200 sky supermarkets and sky-XXL markets. In addition to this, there are the plaza building supplies and garden centres, which are coop’s customer-oriented DIY markets. “We recognise that our customers want new mobile offers, direct communication and individually tailored couponing campaigns. NuBON’s innovative customer services therefore match our customer-oriented supermarket concept extremely well”, says Gerrit Graf, Head of IT and EDP at coop eG.

Intuitive to use at the POS This is what the collaboration will mean for coop customers: In the future, upon request, they will receive their receipts digitally onto their smartphone and can transparently manage them there. All the customer has to do is install the free NuBON app (available for iOS and Android in the App Store and from Google Play) on his/her smartphone and present it at the POS. In addition, the customer can also use the app to redeem sky and plaza mobile coupons. NuBON’s system partner and couponing specialist, acardo, will be in charge of integrating the mobile coupons and will also look after coupon clearing.

NuBON increases acceptance points in the food retail sector The multi-channel platform NuBON is continuing to establish its digital customer services in the food retail sector. “Making purchases at sky and plaza is part of everyday life for consumers in Northern Germany. We aretherefore delighted to have won another cooperation partner for NuBON that is steeped in tradition while also being innovative”, says Norbert Gödicke, Managing Director of NuBON.

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