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Gen2Wave in Logistics IT News December, 2018 Issue

Over recent years there has been an increase in popularity and demand for mobile computers and professional tablets in the workplace. This growth in the mobile computing market allows workers to operate more efficiently, increase their productivity and become more mobile.

Gen2wave is helping to lead this evolution by manufacturing cutting-edge technology that improves how companies operate worldwide. Gen2wave specialises in creating highperformance, rugged products that provide a convenient, user-friendly experience. The company’s RP Series of mobile computers achieves this by bridging the gap between the rugged handheld device and smartphone. The RP70 and RP70A tablets embody both rugged features and a compact, easy-to-use design.
Designed to be mobile Workers who are constantly on the move need a device that can be put away at a moment’s notice and won’t restrict their movement through the working day. Both tablets are just 19mm thick, which is slimmer than the
average rugged tablet currently on the market, allowing users to handle and transport the tablets with great ease. Both weigh just 600 grams, freeing users to operate throughout their day with minimal effort and hassle.

The two tablets’ applications are further extended when used with the professional vehicle cradle. The vehicle mount comes with a range of extensions including Ethernet, HDMI, Serial, USB and flexible customisation. When mounted, the tablets provide everything data operators need to complete their tasks more accurately, and the ability to log information is always at their fingertips.

Ready to be stored Both tablets can be fixed to a desktop cradle, creating either a space for completing stationary tasks or a holding place for when they’re not in use. Similar to the vehicle mount, the desktop cradle has a range of extension capabilities including Ethernet, HDMI, Serial, USB and an additional battery charging slot.
The fine-tip stylus pen that comes as standard, partners particularly well with the desktop cradle. Its pinpoint precision combined with the stability of being fixed in a desktop cradle allows workers to complete tasks faster and more accurately.
Born to thrive in extreme environments Gen2wave’s RP70 and RP70A prove they are born to thrive in extreme environments with a certified IP 65 sealing and anti-shock features that survive 1.2 metre drops to concrete. Both tablets are equipped with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass, providing extreme resistance against shocks and scratches. Rugged features like these free workers from the worry of damaging their tablets in harsh conditions.

From the scorching heat to the freezing cold, the RP70 series can operate in temperatures ranging from to -20℃ to 60℃ and can be stored in temperatures ranging from to -30℃ to 70℃. Building the RP70 range to withstand these extreme temperatures prepares the tablet for cold storage units and hot manufacturing plants.
Rain mode enables the tablet to sense precise points of the user’s finger during rain and snow without causing erroneous input. Workers outside the four walls can continue their field service tasks without interruption.