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Press Release - Discover New Spaces

Invitation to visit our EuroShop exhibition booth and to join the press meeting “Secrets of Sounds in Retail“ with Julian Treasure, UK Sound Designer and TED Speaker, Monday, 17th February 2014, 12:30 and 3:00 p.m.

The creative studio kplus konzept invites you to experience the installation at its stand. Discover here with all your senses; smell, sound and imagery as an overall performance. Climb up into new spheres and emerse yourself in the themes of our Boxes. The stand itself imparts in an impressive way, how all-round brand communication can look and can be experienced.

Perk up your ears when the British sound designer Julian Treasure explains psychological and economic effects random Soundscapes have on us, and how designed Soundscapes in public areas improve our well-being. Also hear about how retailers using Sound Design, can enhance the experience and satisfaction of their customers and employees, as well as increasing productivity. In addition, we will hand out, exclusively for the EuroShop press representatives, the pre-publication of Julian Treasure’s new book „Music is not a veneer: The effects of music versus non-music Soundscapes in retail“.


About kplus konzept GmbH

The creative studio kplus konzept was founded in Düsseldorf in 2005 and is run by interior designer Bettina Kratz and communication designer and photographer Markus Kratz. kplus konzept designs exciting worlds of experience for Retail, Hospitality und Healthcare. In the fashion sector we plan and realise the interior design for brands such as Tayler or Esprit, in the financial sector we accompany the branch expansion of the Spanish Santander Group and for the big retail destinations we develop trend concepts as the “Open Space” in the basement of the Köln Arcaden, the multisensory “Home of 5 Senses” in Mönchengladbach or the interior design themes in the sophisticated urban development scheme “Höfe am Brühl” in Leipzig. The team of 20 employees comprises interior designers, communication, product, 3D and web designers as well as writers and photographers. The best premise for a complete brand communication service from one single source.

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