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Press release Euroshop 2020 - Future-Shape GmbH

SensFloor® For Customer Tracking

In online shops, a detailed analysis of customer behaviour has long become standard. Each customer action is recorded and the collected data on the number of visitors, click behaviour or bounce rates are indispensable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This makes customer behaviour transparent and business success can be analysed.

What about in-store shopping? In most cases, the cash register balance and a light barrier at the shop entrance are the only tools for an evaluation. However, analytics solutions are just as essential for understanding customer behaviour as they are in the online world. Unfortunately, Beacon, WLAN and camera systems are only suitable to a limited extent. Indeed, they either capture only some of the customers, are not flexible in their handling or violate personality rights.

Future-Shape opens up a new path: Sensors in the floor - out of sight! The sensor floor reliably captures every single customer, it is flexible during renovations and 100% data protection compliant.

Customer Behaviour In The Shop

A quick glance at the monitor is all you need to capture the situation in your store. You know how many customers are currently in the shop and where they are. At the same time, you can compare the number of customers throughout the day. An analysis which also proves useful for personnel planning.

Of course, not only the total amount of customers is relevant, but also the number of clients in specially defined areas: how many people have entered the changing room, visited the special offers area or were standing at the checkout? How long was the dwell time of the customers in the store and how long did they have to wait at the check-out? If the queue becomes too long, the sensor floor can automatically send a message to the staff.

Visitors Flow Visualisation

Which routes do your clients take through the store? Do they find special promotion areas interesting or do they pass by without paying attention? Are there time-based patterns that occur regularly at certain times or days? Such questions and many more can be answered quickly and easily with the sensor floor. You can precisely track and compare routes taken by your customers. A heat map facilitates a quick qualitative overview of which areas in the shop have been frequented and how much. Of course, the time slots can be selected individually.

 Shop Design Optimisation

Use the SensFloor data to optimise your shop design and increase your conversion rates. An alternative store layout or even just small changes in the merchandise display can be tested and evaluated objectively. You don't have to worry about the floor: It immediately and automatically measures the changes in customer routes - without any complex reconfiguration.

The valuable data obtained by the sensitive floor also enables you to test your marketing measures. Indeed, you do not only visualise the actual purchases. Based on the dwell time in front of specific products, you can also count the customers who were interested but did not purchase these goods. This kind of analysis can lead to a completely different evaluation of your marketing measures, compared to the sole observation of the sales volume.

Das SensFloor® System

The base is a mere 3 mm thick underlay which integrated sensors, which is installed beneath the actual flooring. Due to the capacitive measurement principle nearly all standard floorings, like vinyl, carpet, parquet, or tiles, are installable on top of SensFloor. Even redecoration of the flooring is possible without destroying the SensFloor beneath.

The sensors detect persons on the floor with high accuracy and transmit the data to the SensFloor transceiver, which counts the number of people, and calculates their speed and directions. Many different interfaces make it possible to connect to the existing infrastructure, like point of sales solutions or security systems.
Unlike camera systems, SensFloor is 100% data protection compliant, as no personal data is captured or stored.

About Us

Future-Shape GmbH has many years of experience in the development of sensor technology, in several fields of application. The founder, Christl Lauterbach gained more than 25 years of experience in research at Infineon and Siemens before founding Future-Shape in 2005. The SensFloor® system won the Innovation Award of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy for the second time in 2017 and is now used worldwide. The company is privately owned and operates independently and without participation.

The large surface SensFloor® system offers a wide range of potential applications in the areas of care, rehabilitation, retail, security and multimedia. SensFloor® Activity is particularly interesting for use in retail and trade fairs. Streams of visitors are recorded, visualised and can be evaluated in detail.