With the development of smart home and the popularity of smart speakers & smart systems of several major companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, smart lighting has developed rapidly in recent years, occupying a certain market in consumer electronics products in Europe and North America.
2018 is the first year of SSLUCE's intelligent lighting, and it is a new important business branch of our company. Since 2018, we have completed the mass production of smart downlights and exported to North America by containers.
We release more smart lighting such as smart Led strips, gimbal downlight, bulbs in 2019, very soon our WIFI Switch & dimmer will be released, so stay tuned.
At present,the mainly popular wireless communication protocols in lighting are WIFI,BLE AND ZIGBEE
SSLUCE keeps up with the market trend and relies on Tuya intelligent platfoem to develop intelligent products such as Led strips, downlights, ceiling lights and bulbs. BLE and Zigbee .smart products can be customized R&D based on customer requirements the smart LIGHT is wireless control via tuya or smart life app SUPPORTED SCENE SETTING,DIMMING&TIMING Voice control by smart speaker like alexa echo and google home.