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  • 01  Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising

Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising

  • 01  Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising
  • 01.01  Ladeneinrichtung
  • 01.01.08  Verkaufsvitrinen, Ausstellungsvitrinen

Verkaufsvitrinen, Ausstellungsvitrinen

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Produktkategorie: Verkaufsvitrinen, Ausstellungsvitrinen

HYPEBOX® - Transparent Display

The HYPEBOX® is a showcase with an integrated transparent LCD screen. Due to the high transparency, it is possible for users to view real products inside the box while displaying digital contents on the screen.

• Best transparency & display quality in the market
• Up to 4K resolution / Certified for 24/7 usage
• Extremely bright backlight with dimming function
• Optional MultiTouch sensor integrated
• High quality, German craftsmenship

The MMT HYPEBOX® is designed and built in Germany with superior craftsmenship. Unique in the market, this product offers clear and bright colors, built to run 24/7 without attenuation and has an mediaplayer installed. Equipped with a metal case and anti-reflection safety glass, MMT has truly built a rugged and reliable product. With a size range of 10” – 84”, Landscape or Portrait orientation, and an optional MultiTouch function, the HYPEBOX® offers the ideal solution for any scenario: stores, shopping centers, museums, exhibitions, showrooms, events & corporate presentations.

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MMT is a family-owned business that started small as a father & son venture. From a simple system integrator, MMT grew into a larger scale operation that quickly gained popularity amongst companies and agencies in the digital signage market. Inside of the local production facilities in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, MMT is a pure German manufacturer which developes state-of-the-art display screen solutions. With registered brands like HYPEBOX®, MMT expands it's business far beyond it's local market in Germany.

We envision that our customers & partners only receive the best products that are currently on the market. Our company chooses materials and components based on quality and lifetime. By doing so, we're building appealing but also technological outstanding screen solutions which can be customized based on the customers requirements and ideas.

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  • Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising
  • Retail Technology