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  • 02  Beleuchtung
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Leuchten für Akzent- und Effektbeleuchtung

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Leuchten für Allgemeinbeleuchtung oder Grundbeleuchtung

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Produktkategorie: Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte


The Infra-Structure collection is Vincent Van Duysen’s reinterpretation of a typical Bauhaus design language. It exposes a tubular structure with an industrial aesthetic, creating a network of light within the space.

Infra-Structure expresses an architectural composition through its rhythm and sequences. The wide range of directional LED luminaries, spotlights and pendants for ambient lighting, offers solutions for multiple applications and contexts.

The collection is composed of a 48V track using the Flos exclusive magnetic technology for power distribution and luminaries installation. It is surface mounted as a grid with endless possible combinations by placing single or multiple parallel modular lines.

Infra-Structure also integrates an innovative wireless dimming system allowing individual control of each luminaire.

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Produktkategorie: Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte


Minimum measurements in a high-powered three-phase embedded track. The high-powered luminaires has minimum visual impact thanks to the miniaturisation of the electronic components.

This unique three phase power track system for recessed installation with minimal and refined design is only 15 mm wide once installed, offering total architectural integration. The system is completed by a range of professional and powerful spotlights and wall-washer modules, featuring the unique Flos power electronic for total visual integration. Solutions for standard three phase track and for system control are also available.

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Produktkategorie: Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte


The most compact measurements in a rail with magnetically-installed luminaires. A recessed, surface or suspended installation with a minimum impact on architecture. Minimalist and elegant LED luminaires.

The system is designed for maximum level of miniaturization and minimum visual impact of track, offering solutions for any installation need. The Flos exclusive 24V magnetic luminaire installation provides flexible configurations for the wide selections of luminaries, all featuring super compact electronic, is also completed with high power solutions.

The Tracking Power can be controlled either as system via wireless dimming system or with an on-board potentiometer on each luminaire.

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Produktkategorie: Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte


A graphic sign in the architecture, thanks to the elegant alternation between light and darkness, with an embedded, surface or suspended installation alternatives.

Designed for a total integration into the environment, offering total flexibility of configurations thanks to its exclusive 24V track with magnetic luminaire installation.

The Running Magnet 2.0 can be controlled either as system via DALI, with an on-board potentiometer on each luminaire or wireless dimming system. The technical range is completed by an offer of iconic luminaires from Flos most successful decorative collections as well as by solutions for high power spots.

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Produktkategorie: Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte


Flos new technology for a revolutionary program of professional lighting fixtures, featuring ultra precise miniaturized engines and sensors which are coordinated through a wireless electronic. This extends luminaries capability beyond its traditional boundaries.

Flos Smart Control enriches the traditional controls of a complete range of professional spotlights with unique possibilities of lamp positioning, orientation and focus management, in the simplest and most cost effective possible way. No further element is required: just luminaries and a mobile app.

With a simple finger tip, light can follow new architecture configurations, new space layouts, new environment needs, bringing the idea of adaptable lighting scenarios to the highest level.

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For almost two decades we have been delivering exceptionally designed and technologically advanced lighting systems for very concrete use.

Beginning with the firm belief that it is the quality of light itself that determines human perception, we have been using design and technology to enhance spaces and complement products.

Our propensity for innovation drives us to explore new paths. This progression is embodied by the development of a comprehensive approach towards corporate retail.

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