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  • 01  Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising
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  • 01  Ladenbau, Ladeneinrichtung, Store Design & Visual Merchandising
  • 01.02  Ladenbau
  • 01.02.05  Deckensysteme


  • 02  Beleuchtung


  • 02  Beleuchtung
  • 02.03  Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte

Lichtplanung und Lichtkonzepte

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Produktkategorie: Beleuchtung


TILE is a modular system for illuminating large area surfaces for ceilings, walls and displays. Cooledge TILE is available in a wide range of color temperatures (CCTs) and three standard lumen values – lower output for large ceilings to meet energy code requirements and higher output for smaller areas or low transmission surface materials.  TILE Premium – tunable white, allows large surface areas to be dynamically illuminated and tuned for color temperature from 2700K to 5700K to enable creative freedom for setting the mood of any space.

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Produktkategorie: Beleuchtung


LINE provides low profile linear illumination ideal for coves, slots, millwork and accent lighting anywhere quality light is needed in a tight space or at a minimal setback.

LINE is delivered in standard lengths that can be adapted to field conditions and still meet all of the performance and reliability requirements of each application.

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Produktkategorie: Deckensysteme


Cooledge SURFACE SOLUTIONS provide an integrated approach to creating luminous surfaces by allowing you to select from a variety of materials that when combined with Cooledge Lighting products give the best solution for luminous ceilings, large display walls, and illuminated graphics. Cooledge will coordinate the on-site delivery and installation of the complete luminous surface.

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Über uns


Cooledge is a leading provider of luminous surface products for architectural design. The company offers a portfolio of proprietary lighting technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into all forms and scale of the built environment. Specifically developed for surface illumination applications, the company’s products offer low set back, uniform performance, and flexibility to conform to any architectural shape and location.
Cooledge’s surface illumination capabilities are deployed in retail, office, hospitality, and themed venues for both new and retrofit building applications. With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Cooledge’s award winning products are supported through a premiere network of sales agencies and partners in North America, Europe, the
Middle East and Asia.

Established: 2009
Ownership: Privately held
Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
Employees: 50-100
Patents: 79 (as of November 2016)
Recognition: 2016 Deloitte Fast 50TM as 2nd fastest
growing technology company in Canada

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