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Produktkategorie: Elektronische Regaletiketten

ESL (ES16-R)

- Size: 1.6”
- Display technology: E-Ink e-paper display (active matrix)
- Colors: Black/White/Red
- Resolution: 200 x 200 pixels
- Network: Platanus Sub-GHz

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Produktkategorie: Elektronische Regaletiketten


- Size: 2.2”
- Display technology: E-Ink e-paper display (active matrix)
- Colors: Black/White/Red
- Resolution: 212 x 104 pixels
- Network: Platanus Sub-GHz

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Produktkategorie: Elektronische Regaletiketten

ESL (ES29-R)

- Size: 2.9”
- Display technology: E-Ink e-paper display (active matrix)
- Colors: Black/White/Red
- Resolution: 296 x 128 pixels
- Network: Platanus Sub-GHz

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Produktkategorie: Retail Technology

SIGFOX ‘Uplynx’ System on Chip

Uplynx is based on M2C8001, one of M2COMM’s family of wireless SoC designed for ultra-low-power wireless IoT applications. Uplynx monolithically integrates Sigfox protocol stack with best-in-class sub-GHz RF performance. M2C8001’s built-in 10 bit ADC, analogue comparators and GPIOs are available for access via AT command set over UART interface. Uplynx is the most cost effective, smallest, and easy-to-design SoC solution for IoT applications where wireless data uplink is enabled via Sigfox network.


Sigfox certified reference design:
RCZ1 (868MHz, 17dBm)
RCZ2/4 (915MHz, 22dBm)

Communication Unit
868(863~870)MHz, 870-875.6MHz, 915(902-928)MHz ISM band support
Tightly controlled PA profile to support Sigfox signaling

Sensor / Peripheral Unit access via AT command
On-die monolithic temperature sensor, battery sense, voltage alarm

Programmable transmission power: 14 ~ 22dBm (1dB step)

Current consumption:
58mA Tx at 14dBm
130mA Tx at 22dBm
3mA standby current
<0.1uA OFF current (reference design)

Arduino-compatible Baseboard as Evaluation / Development Platform
Complete set of Data Sheets, TRMs, Application Notes, AT command manual
Simple control interface via UART (9600bps)
Bootloader support firmware update at 9600bps/115200bps

7x7mm(48-pin) QFN available
Compact board design with low external component counts

Voltage supply : 1.8V ~ 3.6V (-20C ~ 85C)

Compiler-Free EasyAT commander ideal for quick simple application development

Complete feature set Software Development Kit with AndeSight RDS v2.1.2

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Produktkategorie: Elektronische Regaletiketten

ESL (ES42-R)

- Size: 4.2”
- Display technology: E-Ink e-paper display (active matrix)
- Colors: Black/White/Red
- Resolution: 400 x 300 pixels
- Network: Platanus Sub-GHz

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M2COMM Accelerates Retail 4.0 by Proposing its Innovative Electronic Shelf Label << Fresher Packs >>

--- For an entry level price of just US$1,500 savvy and forward thinking retailers can convert to a smart store NOW with the most advanced Internet of Things technology.

M2COMM, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, today announced its Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Fresher Packs for retailers to enable faster, reliable and cost effective shelving signage.  At an affordable US$1,500[i] small and medium-sized retail businesses and stores can purchase one of M2COMM’s ESL Fresher packs and enjoy the convenience and efficiency that IoT brings to the Retail 4.0 era. M2COMM’s ESL Fresher packs will provide retailers with the flexibility to scale up and purchase further ESL tags as needed, allowing them to bypass and overcome existing purchasing and quantity constraints. Retail store size will no longer be a barrier to adopting IoT technology and its advantages.

A new pricing technology to sell more, go green and go savvy

ESL plays a crucial role in the Retail 4.0 transformation, providing instant and dynamic pricing updates based on the inventory and marketing status of retail products. Adoption of ESL reduces human error associated with traditional pricing and product labeling methods, enabling retail staff to spend more time providing customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat and increased sales. Aimed at retail stores regardless of size, M2COMM’s scalable ESL system can be integrated with all existing Point of Sale (POS) systems, whilst its neat design creates a retail environment that encourages impulse purchases. Powered by coin-cell batteries with a lifespan of more than 5 years, M2COMM’s ESL technology provides a sustainable, paperless and environmentally friendly pricing and labeling solution that can save time and money for the retailer. 

Retailers; we hear your heart!  

To accelerate the uptake of and so enjoy the benefits of the IoT based Retail 4.0 environment, M2COMM ESL Fresher Packs are designed to be setup and deployed easily and quickly. After integration with the on-site POS system, ESL operates behind the scenes, running quickly and efficiently to predetermined criteria appropriate to the retail outlet it is installed for. A wide and diverse group of retailers from around the world have recognized M2COMM’s ESL quality-proven, robust and reliable features:  

“I am so surprised that M2COMM’s ESL system only took me less than an hour to set up via the Quick Installation Guide. With its stable and reliable operation, adopting this system saves at least 40% of our time and hence significantly improves store performance,” said Taylor Chan, owner of Po San Frozen Food Limited in Hong Kong.  

“Digital price tag solution is a fairly new concept for the Indian retail sector,” says Sanjay Garg from Maxworth Electronic Systems in New Delhi. “India is home to 22 scheduled languages with mostly their own script. M2COMM’s ESL can display in local language/scripts and English/Hindi, which provides us an essential tool to connect well with the local clients.” 

“As we need to be flexible in our pricing strategies, pricing optimization must be real-time; M2COMM’s ESL has been smoothly integrated into our POS system and we can adopt it very soon. With its stable and reliable operation, I can do just one click to get all the prices sorted.” says Mr. Fabien Sublet, owner of Pharmacy Ibis, French Guiana. “Also, the functionality I like most from M2COMM’s ESL system is the benefit for real-time stock management; it allows pharmacists to know if it is time to place a new order on products or just to supply from the stock. We love it so much.”

“We are committed to helping our customers enjoy the convenience of Retail 4.0 with the latest IoT technology,” says Dr. Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM. “We hope the M2COMM ESL Fresher Packs, at only US$1,500, will attract more retailers to experience our reliable and value-added functions.”


M2COMM ESL Fresher Packs will be available from January 24th 2017. Initially 3 packages are being offered in the following sizes: 1.6 inch, 2.2 inch and 2.9 inch ESL tags. Each Fresher Pack is bundled with all the necessary software and components; the ESL management software suite, Access Point, Router, Barcode Scanner and 50 tags[ii]. The Fresher Packs are specifically designed for and targeted at retailers such as convenience stores, cosmetics outlets, pharmacies, supermarkets and even grocery stores. With any of the 3 ESL packages on offer, retailers can easily adopt and build up their own Fresher site simply and easily. 

For further information on the M2COMM ESL solution and Fresher Packs, please contact:

About M2COMM

M2Communcation Inc. (M2COMM) is a pioneering Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication systems and chipset solutions provider. Founded in 2012 by computer software and IT experts with many years’ experience in RF (radio frequency) chipset design, M2COMM now concentrates on and develops ultra-low-energy wireless networking technology, delivering ready to use, turnkey solutions for ultra-low-power and large wireless networks, such as Electronic Shelf Labels. M2COMM aims to provide the best and most advanced IoT applications and products through continuous innovation and technological advancement. For more information about M2COMM and its products, please visit 




Evelyn Chen –PR & Marketing


Telephone: +886-3-657-8939

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Über uns


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Taiwan, M2COMM has become a distinguished global leader specializing in ultra-low-energy wireless networking technology.

The M2COMM team is passionate and dedicated to the betterment of our everyday lives.

We have the technology and business expertise to help make a better world by developing and deploying energy-friendly Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies that work seamlessly within the global Internet-of-Things.

M2COMM has applied the latest IoT technology to Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) to achieve unprecedented success in the smart-retail sector.

M2COMM currently debuts a highly integrated IoT SoC solution – ‘Uplynx’ that can significantly shorten developer design cycles.

M2COMM has offices and staff on hand in Taiwan, France and USA to provide service and support for our existing and future customers.

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