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Refrigeration & Energy Management

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  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Kältetechnik/Kühlmöbel
  • 05.01.03  Kühlräume, Tiefkühlräume

Kühlräume, Tiefkühlräume

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Kältetechnik/Kühlmöbel
  • 05.01.04  Kühlzellen, Tiefkühlzellen
  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Kältetechnik/Kühlmöbel
  • 05.01.05  Einrichtungen für (Tief-)Kühlräume und Kühlzellen

Einrichtungen für (Tief-)Kühlräume und Kühlzellen

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Kühlzellen, Tiefkühlzellen

Glass door systems

- For chiller and freezer cabinets
- Highly transparent
- Suitable for retrofit projects

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Produktkategorie: Kühlzellen, Tiefkühlzellen

SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Look

Cabinets equipped with these "invisible" doors enable an easy selection for the customer at the point of sale and a fantastic view without disturbing optical impairments. Fully transparent, double glazed doors protect refrigerated cabinets perfectly from energy losses. SCHOTT Termofrost Smart Look is also suitable for retrofit projects.

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SCHOTT: the global quality brand of glass cover systems for commercial refrigeration creating innovations for a sustainable and experience oriented future in the retail food sector.

SCHOTT is renowned around the globe for: 
- More than 135 years of experience in the processing of glass and more than 40 years of experience in developing and supplying glass cover systems for chiller and freezer cabinets
- Strong reputation for long-lasting quality and high performance

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