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Dennebos Flooring Houthandel Jos Dennebos B.V h.o.d.n

Almelosestraat 85, 8102 HC Raalte


EuroShop 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 11): Stand E59


EuroShop 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 11


Henry Stoeten

Almelosestraat 85
8102 HC Raalte , Niederlande



Erwin Olde Bekkink

Almelosestraat 85
8102 HC Raalte, Niederlande



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Produktkategorie: Bodenbeläge, Oberflächenmaterialien

Dennebos Flooring Fussboden fur jedes Projekt.

Dennebos Flooring Fussboden eignen sich fur jedes Projekt. Nicht nur fur Retail aber auch in Gastronomie, Hotels, Buros und bei private Kunden. Und das sehr oft mit Oberflachen die speziell nach einem Konzept hergestellt worden sind. Lassen Sie sich uberraschen mit die unendliche Moglichkeiten.

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Produktkategorie: Bodenbeläge, Oberflächenmaterialien, Wandverkleidung

Dennebos Flooring Mehrschichtdielen in Franzozisches Fischgrat fur Bekleidungsgeschaft.

Dennebos Flooring Eiche Mehrschichtdielen eignen sich nicht nur fur den Boden aber auch fur Wand oder an der Decke und das in fast jede vor zu stellen Farbe. Lassen Sie sich informieren auf unserem Stand!

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Produktkategorie: Bodenbeläge, Wandverkleidung

Reclaimed oak Chevron flooring in Dimension 100 x 600 mm, 60 degrees Angle

Our Reclaimed oak flooring will be shown on the exhibition as Chevron as well. At the moment Chevron and herringbone flooring face an increase in demand. Check for possibilities in color at our booth.

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Produktkategorie: Bodenbeläge

Dennebos Flooring Reclaimed oak floor for Weber Grill shop in Berlin

Dennebos Flooring reclaimed oak floor used within retail environment. In this case for a Weber Grill shop in Berlin, Germany.

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Produktkategorie: Wandverkleidung, Bodenbeläge, Oberflächenmaterialien

Dennebos Floorboards used as wallcovering within hotel environment.

The Dennebos Flooring floorboards can be used as wallcovering as well. Fire testing has been done and test results can be send over on request. Looking at color we can achieve any color you want bearing in mind grain should be shown to keep the warmth and look of real wood.

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Produktkategorie: Wandverkleidung, Bodenbeläge, Oberflächenmaterialien

Dennebos Flooring custom made color wallcovering.

Dennebos Flooring floorboards can be used as wallcovering as well. This in random length material to create a more unique look.

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the most sustainable type of flooring

Dennebos Flooring introduces reclaimed oak flooring. By doing this we give old oak beams [ that have been in oak constructions for ages] a second life. The old beams are resawn in our own production to create old reclaimed oak wearlayers which are then glued upon a birch ply backing to form a stable and very sustainable product as looking at the oak, we don't have to cut any trees anymore. The character of these floorboards stays the same as you will notice various defects that can be expected withing such flooring like insect damage, axed bevels and cracks  that appeared in time because of the natural drying process the beams have had during their construction time.

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