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SONIC CHAIR by designatics production GmbH

Bernhardstr. 107, 50968 Köln
Telefon +49 221 331111
Fax +49 221 9321321


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Jan Stühn

sonic chair

Bernhardstr. 107
50968 Köln, Deutschland

+49 221 331111


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Produktkategorie: Sitzmöbel, Akustiklösungen, Instore Audio Lösungen, Medientechnik/AV-Technik

sonic chair first class edition

Experience pure listening – and not only through your ears …

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Flender, Director of the Institute for Cultural Innovation Research at the Hamburg University of Music und Theatre, describes the sonic chair as follows:

„The sound experience in this newly developed sonic chair is pure listening, not only with your ears, but, with your whole body. A specially developed structure-borne sound membrane serves as a backrest. You sit directly in the midst of the sound, encased in a round shell with particularly finely tuned internal acoustics. This sonic chair, which has been awarded a number of design prizes, is especially suited for listening to contemporary music. You make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and prick up your ears. The finest hint of sound from an almost mutely bowed violin string in a Lachenmann String Quartett can be just as clearly heard as the highly facetted sound spectrum of a twelve-tone orchestral cluster by Ligeti.„

Similar to a music instrument, the form of the sonic chair is determined by the acoustics: Sitting at the centre of the sound supports the spatial perception of the recording. Whereby, the deep frequencies are transmitted to the listener’s back by a structure-borne sound membrane. In addition, a high-quality structure-borne sound converter conveys the sound spectrum, which can be perceived tactilely, to a sounding board that encompass the listener. The listener melds with the sound, what feels like a live concert.
We rely on the highest quality and precision craftsmanship

To create the perfect sound in its most beautiful form requires a high degree of technical precision. That's why every sonic chair is handcrafted in our workshops in Cologne according to the customer's wishes. We upholster your sonic chair in a soft and supple semi-aniline leather from elmo in Sweden. It is very durable and available in a wide range of colours. Visible insect bites and small scarred wounds emphasize the natural elegance. For the interior upholstery, the leather is embossed with a breathable structure in Lamborghini patterns.

The visible metal parts of your sonic chair are chrome-plated by hand in the traditional way. All parts are copper-plated, hand-polished, nickel-plated and then chrome-plated in a four-stage process. The elaborate process guarantees a high-quality surface finish and durability. 

Up to six layers of selected wood species are glued together to form a ring-shaped body of sound which, with 32 litres of loudspeaker volume, forms the foundation for a powerfully balanced sound.

A precisely measured and finely tuned filter design between five high-quality loudspeakers and two structure-borne sound transducers, controlled by a digital signal processor (DSP), creates a perfect sound experience in the acoustic near field of the listener. Regardless of the room acoustics, you are always sitting in the sweet spot. Supported by our VirtualBass® technology, you experience the sound like at a live concert - without disturbing the surroundings.

Last but not least, the sonic chair was awarded one of the world's most important design prizes, the "Red Dot Design Award", by an internationally renowned jury of experts. It was also nominated for the "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany“.

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Produktkategorie: Sitzmöbel, Akustiklösungen, Instore Audio Lösungen

sonic chair

Wie formt man Klang, um darin sitzen zu können?
Sie haben eine Hifi-Anlage, Boxen, diverse Kabel, um alles miteinander zu verbinden? Und bequem sitzen möchten Sie auch noch? Der sonic chair vereint diese Dinge.
Seine Form ist wie bei einem Musikinstrument von der Akustik bestimmt. Der prägnante Ring umhüllt den Hörer wie ein Kokon und verstärkt gleichzeitig die akustische Wirkung. Das Rückennetz vermittelt die Dynamik und die Transparenz des Klangkörpers. Das mittige Rückenpolster hebt neben seiner Funktion für den Körperschall formal auch die akustischen Eigenschaften des Sessels hervor.
Die zweifarbige Gestaltung folgt der klanglichen Anatomie des Möbels und unterstreicht den hohen Wiedererkennungswert.

Der sonic chair wurde von einer international anerkannten Fachjury mit einem der weltweit bedeutendsten Designpreise, dem „red dot design award“, ausgezeichnet. Darüber hinaus wurde er für den „Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ nominiert.

designatics – Frank Hussong, Daniela Reuter, Michael Kientzler
Produktdesign Fritzlar – Holger Fritzlar

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12 Feb 2020

sonic chair illuminated

For even more attraction: sonic chair with light ring

seamlessly milled from solid material
diffuse special plastic
uniform illumination
integrated LED strips
warm and cold white - 2700 - 6000 K
brightness / colour temperature infinitely variable by remote control

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