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Retail Technology

Sensape GmbH

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EuroShop 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 3): Stand D84


EuroShop 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 3

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  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.01  Omnichannel/E-Commerce Lösungen
  • 07.01.01  Omnichannel-Integration

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Produktkategorie: Omnichannel-Integration


A whole new world of shopping!
In the age of digitalization retailers are facing disruptive change.

  • 25% increase in store dwell time
  • 350+ sessions per day
  • 46 sec average session length
Enchant your customers
Use the power of Augmented Reality to tell unique stories that showcase your customers as the stars of your brand.

Digitalize your store
Somnia’s intelligent sensors and 65“ touchscreen bridge the gap between the physical and digital world of your brand.

Go Social
Boost your social media presence with Somnia’s integrated Social Sharing feature for photos and GIFs.

Digitalize your store!
And turn it into an interactive experience.

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Produktkategorie: Omnichannel-Integration

Phantastic Photobox

The Phantastic Photobox is an effective eye-catcher at events, generates leads and enables interactive brand-experiences.

The Phantastic Photobox enchants viewers with virtual items in a 2D or 3D environment.
Experiences can range from informative speech bubbles to unbelievable Augmented Reality universes.
Empowering a playful and effective method of arousing attention for your products and communications.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Leads & more
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Branding
The eye-catcher for your event.
Easy rent. Effective results.

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Produktkategorie: Omnichannel-Integration

Phantastic Promoter

Promoting ideas with vision.

The Phantastic Promoter uses a magic mirror that invites viewers into the parallel universe of your brand. Use this superpower as an irresistible attention magnet.

Artificial intelligence enables you to micro-target messages, while interactive Augmented Reality allows users to express themselves. This helps you to maximize leads.

Small acts of kindness can change the world. Reward your customers with printed discounts, recipes and mental notes.

People remember when you provide a special treat and will thank you with their trust.

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Über uns


Unsere Geschichte
Techies, Kreative und Visionäre bilden bei Sensape ein einzigartiges Team. Gemeinsam entwickeln wir interaktive Technologien, die mit Künstlicher Intelligenz und Augmented Reality modernes Storytelling revolutionieren.

Sensape is us.
Humans who love building smart machines for other humans. Machines, that serve their users and make their day.
Our products spread happiness, confidence and leave their users with nothing but a blast.
Digital communication in a physical world is what drives our success.
We enjoy the thrill of creating products that make our clients leverage their full potential at their events, fairs or stores.
From global players to the company next door, our passionate team delivers cutting edge solutions that push boundaries and never fear comparison.

Love what you do.
Share your ideas.
Inspire your colleagues. Inspire your users. Inspire your clients.
Strive for excellence.
Iterate until you have it.
Make interaction our competitive advantage.
Make it easy for everyone involved.
Talk about your challenges and your achievements.
Believe in yourself.
Be the best. Be Sensape.