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OZ Lighting GmbH

Emil-von-Behring-Str. 17, 9500 Villach
Telefon +43 4242 45544-16
Fax +43 4242 45544-4


EuroShop 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 9): Stand B05


EuroShop 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 9


Thomas Oberzaucher



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Produktkategorie: Wandsysteme


System77 is an award-winning power track solution!
You can use it for shops, hospitality and private homes!

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The austrian Art of Lighting & Manufacturing
We are an Austrian LED luminaire manufacturer & designer. All products get manufactured and assembled in Austria (Europe), to guarantee products that are ultimately built for the exclusive purpose of delivering quality to the Architectural light planning industry.

We work with aluminum, copper and brass as base materials and design casings with an optimal thermal management.

This makes the light tough and extremely durable.
Every detail that flows into the products aesthetic appearance has a function, making LED lights rather effective within their range of application.
We provide a broad range of lighting tools coupled with the capability to make special adaptions and custom designs for the multiple needs of lighting designers, offering the best atmosphere of light to meet every requirement of architecture.

Tradition, Passion and Expertise

We started 1990 in Europe, where we are busy with the supply of two big trade partners.  We took foot in the USA, where we provided lighting solutions for different private residences and public places.

Nowadays, the Middle East is definitely  one of our busiest markets since 2004.  Many projects in the UAE and Kuwait led to the aim to expand to the rest of the GCC.



Gründungsjahr 1990
Geschäftsfelder Beleuchtung