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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Paperboard, corrugated paperboard

Remarkable Cardboard POS, POP, POSM Display

For a short presentation, we can say that in the 14 years of activity, we have been able to provide complete services, from structural design, graphic design, large format digital print, assembly and international delivery of POSM Display, Packaging, Boxes, etc. Thus, we can respond positively to the challenges of custom projects, without great efforts and high costs for you.
The year 2019 meant an investment of approximately 2 million euros in top equipment, industrial software and personal training. This investment made possible, to obtain FOGRA certification, the most exigent certification in the global printing industry. Belonging to this elite group, represent for us the most important achievement, by the fact we will be able to develop first quality relationships with our clients.
The production of display systems and Point of Sales Material, implies a very correct design, so that we obtain perfect closures and correctly calculated resistance to weight. For this reason, we decided to work with ESKO ARTIOSCAD 3D MODELLING SOLUTION, a soware license dedicated to the design of POSM and Packagings. We opted for the complete package so that there are no challenges that we cannot solve.
The design with ArtiosCAD 3D allows several proposals to be made for each project, 3D presentation of the nal product and video presentation of how the nal product is assembled (minimum transport costs, the stands can also be optionally set up at the beneciary). us, compared to the classic solution of designing with soware such as Corel or Adobe, the design can take 1 to 2 days compared to 1 to 2 weeks, during which several design variants are proposed, compared to a single variant, as is frequently proposed in the case of designing in classical graphics or architectural software.
The risk of human error is reduced to a minimum, ArtiosCad automatically calculating at fraction of mm level, the compensations to be considered for each bending, depending on the thickness of the material. Due to the ability to import most types of 3D les of the product to be exhibited on the stand, the dimensions of the display will be properly rightsized. In order to make production costs more ecient, we use the industrial production soware suite, ESKO i-Cut Suite, which allows material consumption to be reduced by up to 40%. e Esko i-Cut Nesting functionality optimally sets the irregular components of the display, so that a percentage of up to 90-95% of the cardboard sheet or material used is used. In the case of setting with the help of the classic graphics soware, the material losses rise up to 30% - 40%, where we have exponentially higher times and costs with illustrators. The price of the nal product can be reduced by up to 40% in the case of displays made of premium materials.
Stands, POSMs and Displays can be made exclusively from corrugated cardboard, but also more complex projects from various types of Cardboard and PAL, MDF, HDF, ALUBOND (sandwich panels made of composite and aluminum), Foam, Forex, Plexiglass, and so on. Depending on the weight of the products to be exposed it.
For full details, I attach to you the catalog of presentation of our products and services. If you are unable to view it in the attached form, the catalog can be downloaded at the following link> <

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Product category: Paperboard, corrugated paperboard

Carboard Custom Boxes & Packaging

A complete range of packagings can be made, from classic small packages such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, premium range packaging with special nishings (metal foil and overprint for obtaining an unlimited number of metallic colors, embossing, etc.) and up to large packages for special products.
With the help of ESKO ArtiosCAD 3D soware, packages that perfectly support both the basic product and the related products can be designed for advertising campaigns. As an example, for the advertising of a certain drink, the 3D le of the bottle and glasses that are oered as bonus in the respective campaign can be imported. The soware dedicated to the design of packaging and the ArtiosCad display will allow the carrying out of both the collective packaging, as well as of the interior reinforcements, essential
for the rm support of the bottle and glasses, but without visually affecting the product presentation.
Special packaging can be designed and made for products with atypical dimensions. For this type of products the interior reinforcements are essential, an aspect easy to understand if we refer to the example of a car dashboard. The irregular shapes of the car dashboard would make it impossible to obtain an internal firm support structure of the product, in the absence of the soware dedicated to designing atypical products.

Custom packaging can be a great asset for a business, no matter the size of the business. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, all custom packaging allows you to customize your boxes and better promote your brand.

High quality print and high productivity, scratch resistant - on any rigid or flexible material up to 5.08 cm thick (PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic, corrugated cardboard, aluminum composite, wood, stone and many other materials ). As regards the color processing, we are licensed with Caldera GrandRip +, a fast, flexible and powerful Raster Image Processing Software, dedicated to large and extra-wide, print and print-to-cut applications.

Any customized item is better than standard products, mainly because they are manufactured according to the exact specifications. In addition to dimensions, everything about cardboard boxes customization can be refined to suit your preferences regarding color, theme, style, functionality and attractiveness.
This helps you stand out. When it comes to customized packing boxes, they are easy to customize if you know what you need.

Smart standards save the design time and reduce errors in the workflow. It has a number of advantages such as reducing the design time from a few weeks to 2-3 days, eliminating the human error and the risk of occurrence of perfect joining issues, the possibility of realizing several variants for each project, the possibility of importing 3D files of the products to be exhibited, so that based on them are created perfectly adapted display systems.

Packaging print solutions offer many benefits and help you position your brand uniquely on the market.
Packaging has a larger purpose than simply providing the content. Opting for customized packaging will help create the better user experience.

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Product category: Paperboard, corrugated paperboard

Custom Light Boxes, Sign & Display Systems

Production of light boxes

The light boxes can be made from textile material or from plastic derived materials, both single-sided and double-sided. In both variants, the dening factors to achieve an impact eect are the gamut and the intensity of the colors. In order to achieve the best values in this regard, besides the backlight prole of a performing RIP soware, top performance equipment, as new as possible and with a larger color range, are also required.
The light boxes are made of anodized aluminum proles with standard depth of 10-12 cm or ultra slim with a depth of only 4.5 cm. For lighting, the latest generation perimetral LED modules are used for standard proles and special LED modules with magnifying glass for a 360 degree light scattering, for ultra slim proles. For perfect tension, quick installation and easy change of the print, the backlight canvas will have a silicone weather strip sewn on the marginal points. The versatility of the modular combination solution and the reduced weight of the aluminum proles, allows the attainment of large dimensions, regardless of whether light boxes that will be installed in the shop window, self-contained light boxes that will be mounted with support feet or that will be hanging from the ceiling are made. Moreover, due to the unique assembly principle, light boxes with special shapes, such as circle, oval, semicircle, hexagon or triangle can be made.

In order to achieve the best values in the process of customizing light boxes, in addition to the backlight profile of a high performance RIP software, top performance equipment is also required, as new and with a greater number of colors as possible.

The light boxes are made of anodized aluminum profiles with standard depth of 10-12 cm or ultra slim with a depth of only 4.5 cm. For illumination, state-of-the-art perimeter LED modules are used in the case of standard profiles and special LED modules with magnifying glass for 360 degree light scattering, in the case of ultra slim profiles. For perfect tensioning, quick installation and easy print change, the backlight canvas fabric of the light box will have a silicone casing perimeter.

Not infrequently, the realization of complete sets of signage required the use of customization, the previous solutions not being compatible with the space or the brand values of the beneciary. The latest generation technology for UV printing and laser engraving allows us to make a very wide range of customized signage products.

Banner Cross is a display created specifically for visible and perfectly flat advertising messages. The poster’s height is flexible and can be adjusted up to 2 m giving visibility to the advertising banner.
We print any kind of customized banner for indoor display. If you want to print a polyplane banner, a backlit banner or a banner printed on both sides, these can be made using the latex print technology.

Roll up banner
A custom roll up is the ideal solution for displaying an advertising message when the ease of installation is a real asset. A roll up banner consists of a lightweight aluminum frame and the custom banner, made of a synthetic textile material, such as polypropylene.
The customization of the roll-up display systems is made using the latest latex ink printing technologies, to obtain the highest quality roll-up banners, flexible and scratch resistant.

Windows decorations and windows graphics
Highly impacting and with high conversion eect, the advertising right on the display case, can be achieved both by applying self-adhesive materials (scratch resistant) and by making the UV printing directly on the glass. The UV printing directly on the glass solution oers the net advantage of completely eliminating the risk of assembling error. To the extent that this solution is not possible, the application of stickers cut on the contour for certain promotions or the complete decoration of the shop window, the bank or the headquarters of a company, ensures the possibility of changing the message easily.
Materials used are recommended to be of the best quality, with protection against UV rays, so that the phenomenon of discolouration in a period less than 3-5 years does not occur (depending on the time of direct exposure to the sun rays). The print with ecoSolvent ink on premium materials, upholds guarantees up to 5 years for this type of products.

When it comes to promoting your business and your brand, every window in the store is an opportunity.  By choosing a full-color window print decoration service can illustrate the products you are selling, displaying them in an attractive setting, and hiding the store in the background. In this way, you will create a tempting air of mystery about what you offer.

If image is important to your business, using window graphic to make the place more attractive can also improve the perceived value of your brand. Models can be smart, flirty, contemporary, nostalgic, fun or serious. Regardless of the image you need, there are many windows decoration print solutions in Bucharest. In addition, you can choose a window graphic template that contains your company logo, colors and fonts so you can highlight your brand and place it directly on the main street.

Other advertising materials
Easy Swap presentation support - is the optimal choice if you want to display messages printed on hard materials in a creative way. Insert the PVC plate printed with your message in the aluminum support and secure it with the system with which it is fitted.

Poster Trap presentation support - an economical and easy-to-use product for creatively displaying messages printed on hard materials.

Wall brochure holder cocktail - innovative and versatile brochure holder, made of an aluminum profile, which is fixed to the wall, and transparent acrylic pockets, which are mounted on the aluminum profile. It can be displayed in various places such as: offices, banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Office support with display pockets - for various small printed advertising materials, product made of molded plastic, transparent and of a very good quality.
Its construction style gives this dispenser a very good stability, and the material from which it is produced ensures a very good resistance to breaking.

Visual Info Stand - it is particularly suitable for restaurants and terraces.
Textile display systems - Jumbo stand type (the telescopic structure allows to adjust them in height and width) or supports for flag (sail) - an efficient way for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They are suitable for sporting events, car showrooms, restaurants and cafes.

Notice boards - presentation box for advertising messages, made of very good quality aluminum, with transparent door and back side made of cork, felt or magnet.

Tablet supports and Showroom display
In order to improve the interaction with your customers, you can integrate the new communication technologies in the strategy of presenting the products / services. An example of an application that can run on a tablet installed on a stand made of either aluminum or plexiglass, can be the facilitation of the opportunity for the customer to request a taxi directly, whether it is a hotel, restaurant or conference center.
We can make stands adapted to the size of tablets or larger displays and depending on the requirements, the entire stand can be customized (stand shape and print). You can opt for oor stands or tablet stand supports.
For the body of the stand you can opt for materials such as anodized aluminum, brushed stainless steel aluminum, stainless steel pipe, plexiglass, colored and custom dibond, etc. e central body can be illuminated with led strip, the tablet can be detachable or secured by 4-allen screws, and the base can be xed or detachable to the central body. e base can be made of metallic material and according to requests, it can be plated with colored plexiglass. e tablet case is generally made of colored plexiglass, but you can also opt for brushed stainless steel aluminum.
For info stands without built-in tablet, used for exhibitions and points of sale, you can opt for a similar range of materials. The design and production costs are signicantly lower, the print can be changed very easily due to easy access to the display area. We can make removable displays for showrooms, with visual display on one side or on both sides or display stands, and with pockets with leaet dispenser function.
Door plate made of 25 mm aluminum profile, with elegant appearance, which can be used indoor and outdoor, in public areas (schools, offices, hospitals, etc.).

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Product category: Paperboard, corrugated paperboard

Posters, Wallpaper and Fine Art Products

Advanced large format printing technologies and new state-of-the-art equipment allow printing on any type of material. Printing at maximum efficiency, innovative pigment-based ink system in 12 colors, which allows printing at a resolution of up to 2400 dpi.

Advertising for your business is needed in the current period of last-minute competition and you cannot expect a rapid growth of the business unless a viable advertising strategy is used. You can choose from a number of options available to market your services.

Internet marketing is a modern and efficient way to promote your services and products, but the efficiency of posters, postings and personalized paintings cannot be denied. With the introduction of new and improved methods of custom posters, the print quality has become considerably better.

A well-designed custom poster is designed to attract the attention of passers-by and helps to condition customers in accepting a new brand or product. For best results, it is essential to follow some guidelines for printing the poster. The poster should be captivating and colorful enough to attract people's attention. However, it should be kept in mind that people will only look at the poster as they pass by and it is better for the poster to convey the message in as few words as possible.
Interesting posters with captivating tag lines will surely be a success and will attract more potential customers to your business. You need to know that by choosing custom posters you will have a powerful marketing tool, and creative posters can prove to be much more effective than any other marketing method.
For custom materials for indoor use, the CANON water-based inkjet printer and the HP Latex 375 Printer cover the full range of products. Water- based ink, odourless and free of harmful chemicals is the best solution for paintings, rollups or posters. The print produced with latex inks is versatile, fexible, scratch resistant and it has no disturbing odour being certified GREEN GUARD, being practically suitable for any product intended for indoor use.

For the printing on glass, wood and other rigid materials, the FUJI Acuity HS UV Inkjet Printer is the equipment that can guarantee durability over time both from the mechanical point of view as well as the color preservation. Discover the multitude of applications that we can print, from decorative products (wallpaper, canvas paintings, magnetic foil, personalized
glass, blackout blinds) and up to marketing products (rollups, posters, stands, backlits, ags, light boxes, stickers for glass).

Canvas Painting & Fine Art
Advertising through custom wallpaper and canvas is also an option worth considering. When your clients first enter your office, what they see is the first impression they have. This is why you should get customized wallpaper for your business. It is a great way to develop your office look while promoting your business. Recent advances in technology and developments in printing have allowed digital wallpapers to be created. Digitally printed wallpaper has the ability to bring empty spaces to life.
Considering that you cannot prove without accepting the most dificult challenge, we have given special importance to the ne art print, whether it is a reproduction of art, or that various images are printed to be framed in the approximately 100 frames available in our current offer.
The reproduction of colors, as accurate as possible, and the control of the color gamut, in order to obtain natural colors and in perfect agreement with the initial file, can only be achieved by strictly complying with the FOGRA certication standards obtained this year. Obtaining a constant level of colors and maintaining quality at the professional level have become priorities for us, and these cannot be possible without the use of advanced color management soware based on ICC profiles such as RIP Caldera or without the continuous updating of the large print format equipment eet. For paintings and ne art products we chose the Canon printers that print with 12 colors based on water. The top features, such as 2400 dpi resolution which is double than the resolution of standard equipment, 12 colors compared to 4 or 8 colors available for standard printers (allow the widest spectrum of color gamut) and water-based ink (odourless and free of chemical solvents), allow us to obtain a true photo quality.

Indoor print tehnology
For custom materials for indoor use, the CANON water-based inkjet printer and the HP Latex 375 Printer cover the full range of products, like wallpapers, banners, etc. Water- based ink, odourless and free of harmful chemicals is the best solution for paintings, rollups or posters. The print produced with latex inks is versatile, fexible, scratch resistant and it has no disturbing odour being certified GREEN GUARD, being practically suitable for any product intended for indoor use.

For the printing on glass, wood and other rigid materials, the FUJI Acuity HS UV Inkjet Printer is the equipment that can guarantee durability over time both from the mechanical point of view as well as the color preservation. Discover the multitude of applications that we can print, from decorative products (wallpaper, canvas paintings, magnetic foil, personalized
glass, blackout blinds) and up to marketing products (rollups, posters, stands, backlits, ags, light boxes, stickers for glass).

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Product category: Paperboard, corrugated paperboard

Commercial Printing - OFFSET & DIGITAL

Digital Printing - sheet fed

Trough investments in high-end equipment with a total capacity of up to 18,000 A4 / hour ( top range Heidelberg digital machine), we can bring to life innovative products with high added value, such as packaging or premium promotional materials with metal foil and overprint (thus obtaining an unlimited range of metallic colors).
The largest range of special papers and cartboards available in stock, including special glossy, pearlescent, metallic or textured cardboard. We print on cardboard and media with thickness up to 470g/sqm, synthetic cartboards and plastic derivatives, such as: PVC, Poly- carbonate, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Teslin, Polyester Sticker.
Maximum format 33 x 100 cm, 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution, 6 colors print (including white, colorless, neon pink, neon yellow, invisible red for security - visibility only in UV spectrum).

Offset Printing

Professional automated and high precision nishes such as: high precision hydraulic cutting, plastication (matte, glossy, so touch or textured- total capacity of 75 m / min), stapling (simple or squareback with up to 6 staples), stamping (exible stamping), stitching (PUR and EVA-based termoglue), punching sheets (for calendars, notepads and repertoire type catalogs - total capacity of 150,000 sheets / hour), metal spiral-coil binding (for calendars and notepads), applying metal foil (40 de folio colors available),
forming and gluing packagings (maximum speed 300 m / min), embossing and Braille, contour cutting (laser or mechanical ESKO Kongsberg), rounding corners, etc.

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About us

Company portrait

With over 14 years of experience, Global Print is providing complete services, such as:  large format digital print, graphic desgin ( POSM, packing, catalogs, etc ), technical consultancy, assembly, delivery all over Europe.

This year alone, we invested approximately 2,000,000 euros, in printing machines, finishing equipment, projection & design software, as well in certifications.

One of the most important acquisitions obtained was the FOGRA certification, which is the most coveted certification in the printing industry worldwide, which guarantees the highest quality standards. Do be able to obtained the FOGRA certification, we had to invest in performant printing machines, such as
 high-end digital printing equipment with UV ink, which allows the realization of products for trade marketing such as POSM, display, packaging and stands (true flatbed printer, any rigid or flexible material ) and as well in softwares like Esko ArtiosCad 3D Modeling Solutions - the most advanced software capable of automatically generating the architecture of large displays or large format packages and Esko i-Cut Suite, that ensures cost efficiency of up to 30%, especially through the Nesting package, which by optimized positioning allows up to 90% of the media which we used. Also, all the information is transmitted directly from the graphic design software to the Printer and after to the Esko digital cutting board, so that the accuracy of the final product execution it should be maximum.

Now we can cover the whole range of products for the large format category ( POSM, lightboxes, packaging, large displays, floor decorations, windows  decorations, outdoor print, printing on any rigid or flexible materials with thickness up to 5,08 cm - PVC, corrugated cardboard, glass, wood, stone and many other materials ).

Basicaly we can print on anything using UV Printer for rigid and flexible materials, Printer with latex ink, Printer with ink based e eco-solvent and water-based inkjet printer.

You can find more information by accessing our website

Because its all about timing, you will find PROMPTITUDE, PROFESSIONALISM, CUSTOMER ORIENTATION.

Global Print ... its all about timing.

Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Number of employees 20-49
Area of business
  • Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • POP Marketing